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Read the story and complete it with the words in bold type:
30.10.2010, 12:00

Read the story and complete it with the words in bold type:

be able                  been learning        can                          could

do I want             during                     for                          have learnt

I’d like to             I like                       I want                     learning

me to speak         more accurate        most accurately     read

reading                since                        that I speak            to be able

was                       went                        will work                work


            I started learning English when I (1)… in Secondary School. I didn’t find it easy but my teacher advised me to listen to songs and (2)… books in English at my spare time and that helped me a lot in learning English.

            I have (3)… English for four years and I have been in England now (4)… six weeks. Since I arrived I (5)… quite a lot of new words but I still find  the English grammar difficult. While I am in England (6)… improve my speaking and to be (7)…

            My father, who works in a hotel, wants (8)… and write English fluently so that I can help him in his business. But if I (9)… in the hotel, I won’t be able to go to university  to study law. When people ask me what (10)… to do, I usually tell them that my dream is to be a lawyer.

            Now I’m in England and I’m enjoying the chance of meeting people from all over the world. I’ve made lots of good friends and I hope I’ll (11)… to go and see them in their countries. Sometimes I wish I (12)… speak more languages – but then I think of all the grammar I would have to learn!








            Сomplete the sentences with the correct form of these words: march, recall, reply, say, shout, speak, stagger, tell, trudge, whisper.


  1. Can your brother… Italian?
  2. The teacher asked the easy question and the girl…
  3. She has never… me about that problem.
  4. The woman… that the baby was sleeping.
  5. He had a sore throat. He could only…
  6. They… it is important to know the foreign languages.
  7. Don’t… at your cousin. She is afraid of you.
  8. I didn’t manage to… home because I was injured in the road accident.
  9. That man told me he had met you before but he couldn’t… your name.
  10. The soldiers… to the main square of the town.
  11. The girl… slowly through the deep forest.
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