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Контрольная работа 3 класс
30.10.2010, 12:15

I . Choose the right word.

1.      My mother’s daughter is my _________

a)      mother;  b) sister;  c) aunt.

2.      My father’s brother is my___________

a)      brother;  b) uncle;  c) dad.

3.      My cousin is my__________child.

a)  mother’s;  b) father’s;   c) aunt’s.

4.He works at an office. He is a ____________.

a) teacher;    b) doctor;   c) engineer.

5. She is a worker. She works at a __________.

a) factory;   b) hospital;   c) school.

6. She is a teacher. She works at ________.

a) school;   b) hospital;   c) office.

7. I like to play with my new _________ doll.

a) blue;   b) pink;   c) yellow.

8. My parents like to play ________.

a) leap-frog;   b) hopscotch;   c) tennis.

9. This girl can run very well. She likes to ________.

a) jump;   b) run;   c) skip.

10. We play  _______ at the stadium.

a) tag;   b) leap-frog;   c) football.


I I. Fill in the blanks.


M y ___1______ and my ___2_____ are my parents. My mother is my father’s ___3______. My father is my mother’s ___4_____. My grandmother and my grandfather are my ____5_____. My parents have got three __6______: my brother, my sister and me. My brother’s name is ___7_____. My __8______ name is Ann. My __9_______ is Bob.I like __10____ family very much.

I have got an aunt and an uncle too. My aunt’s name is __11___. My uncle’s __12______ is Peter. They have got two __13_______. They are my ___14_______. My cousins’ names are Kate and Nina.


111. Translate.

1. often

2. present

3. cry

4. fly

5. brave

6. silly

7. dark

8. fish

9. dinner

10. rabbit







Контрольная работа

4 класс

1. Fill in the right words.

1. The 25th of December is _________.

a) Christmas Day;   b) New Year;   c) Boxing Day.

2. On Christmas Eve people put their presents under the ________.

a) bed;   b) table;   c) New Year tree.

3. Father Frost puts his present _________.

a) under the New Year tree;   b) in bags;   c) in children’s stockings.

4. Every year there is a big New Year’s tree in ________ square.

a) Trafalgar;   b) Times;   c) Red.

5. The New Year’s tree is a present from people of ________ to the people of Great Britain.

a) Norway;   b) Russia;   c) America.

6. For Christmas dinner the English eat ________.

a) pizza;   b) hamburgers;   c) roast turkey.

7. The day after Christmas is _________.

 a) New Year;   b) Boxing Day;   c) Mother’s Day.

8. A lot of English people go to ___________ square to see the Christmas tree.

a) Times;   b) Red;   c) Trafalgar.

9. English and American people often make __________ for the New Year.

a) New Year resolutions;   b) cars;   c) houses.

10. New Year’s resolutions are ________.

a) greeting cards;    b) promises for the New Year;   c) presents.


             11. Write:

1.what there is (are) in Father Frost’s bag for little children on New Year’s Eve;

2. what there was (were) on the holiday table at your last birthday party.


111.Give the two forms of the verbs:

Send, is, are, have, grow, know, make, buy, think, run, swim, think, put, see, say, give, come, go, take, do, can, eat, drink.


IV. Express your doubt.

1.      what there Ann is swimming in the street.

2.      The children are playing football at home.

3.      I watch TV at night.

4.      My friend gets up at 5 o’clock.

5.      I went to America last year.

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